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General Rules

  • No Refunds in case of Crashes, Bugs or similar issues not caused by Admin Error.
  • English only in any public chats – in-game and on discord, you’re free to speak any language in Voice-, Ally-, Tribe and Local chat.
  • Names (Steam, Tribe, Character, Dinos, Discord etc.) must not contain insults, sexual or any kind of discrimanatory language. Admins and Moderators will change the names or destroy dinos with inappropriate names without a warning or a refund!

Behaviour Rules

  • Be nice and respectful to everybody. Racism or other kinds of discrimination, insults or similar verbal abuse is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Follow admin and moderator instructions! We host and support this server in our free time on a non profit basis. We don’t have time to argue and discuss everything with you. If you refuse to listen, don’t be surprised if there are consequences.
  • No PvP Behaviour such as griefing, stealing or pulling Dinos to others bases.
  • Any Cheating, Exploiting, Glitch abusing, bug abusing or similar is not allowed
  • Don’t leave Dinos or Structures in front of-, in- or near Caves (Sleeping bags are allowed temporarily), Obelisk Platforms, Player Bases. They will be removed without warning.
  • No Dino Hydras
    • Hydra means dinos are stuck inside of each other to fit more in a smaller space. If you wouldn’t be able to get them into that position again after soul trapping all of them, it’s a hydra!
  • Do not leave Dinos on aggressive or wandering, any Dinos not at your base will be removed without warning.
  • Drops, Dinos, OSDs, etc are all first come first serve.
    In case of a disagreement proof will have to be provided, in case no proof can be provided/found during an investigation, and that no settlement can be found, the object of interest will be removed completely.
  • Eat any fertilized eggs you do not want, do not throw them.
  • Do not interfere with others gameplay such as OSDs, boss fights, titan fights/taming without permission.
  • Clean up after yourself
    • Do not leave Dinos or traps behind, demolish them or pick them up

Building Rules

  • 1 Base and 1 Outpost per tribe, per map, max Outpost size is 10x10x10
  • Do not block loot drops, City Terminals, 5 or more rare resources(Metal, Crystal, Obsidian etc.), Pathways, Charge Nodes, Plant Z’s, Artifacts or access to caves with any of the things listed.
  • No structures must be built in render distance (!) of wyvern trench/magma cave nest spots
  • Oil Pumps, Gas Collectors and Sap platforms (platforms only used for sap taps) must be unlocked and openly accessible to the public. 
  • Do not build in Artifact caves.
  • Do not make unnecessarily large bases, all space claimed must be used and must not exceed render distance.
  • Structure spamming to claim an area/prevent spawns in a area is not allowed, this is considered empty space.
  • Bases must not lag out other players or cause a major FPS drop after loading, a large amount of railings or glass structures can cause this.
  • Keep a reasonable distance to existing bases so they that they can still expand properly towards you if you build next to them.
  • Offline Breeding is only allowed if eggs/babies are completely inaccessible to others, hatcheries are not enough as they take too long to pick up eggs! Use Tek Shields or build around your dinos! Reminder: eggs can and will fall through ceilings and platforms.

Respect STAFF decisions!

If you do not agree with a decision staff makes, open a ticket in Discord.

Causing unnecessary drama or arguing for no good reason in chat won’t get you anywhere.
Don’t argue about the rules that are in place, they aren’t going to change just because you don’t like them.

Breaking any of the rules can lead to a chat mute, warning, kick, wipe, temp ban, or perm ban depending on severity!
(Bans can be lifted if you appeal through a ticket, it remains an admin + team decision though!)

These rules are subject to change and can be adapted at any given time.