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Avalanche Rules

Specific Rules

General Rules

  • No refunds of things lost due to game mechanics, bugs, lags, or other server issues/crashes that are not directly caused by admin error.
  • Keep global chats in English. Local, alliance and tribe chat can of course be used for other languages.
  • No Sexual-, Racist- or in other ways offensive-language in any voice-, text- or any other means of chatting that are associated with Avalanche Gaming.

Economy Rules
  • Buying or selling in-game items for real money is not allowed.

General Rules
  • Be nice and respectful to everybody.
  • No racism or other hateful behaviors.
  • No griefing, no stealing (fertilized eggs, loot caches, dinos, etc.)
  • No exploiting or cheating.
  • Don't leave Dinos or Structures in front of, in or near Caves (Sleeping bags are allowed temporarily), Obelisk Platforms, Player Bases (unless permission is given)
  • Names must not contain any kind of offensive, insulting, sexual or other kinds of inappropriate language.
  • No Dino Hydras
    Hydra means they're stacked inside of each other through means other than throwing them out from a soul ball when on the ground, or walking them into position.

  • It is not allowed to keep dinos on wandering or aggressive if they aren't hitched or equipped with an Orb of Staying Power
  • Dinos not returned to your base are subject to being deleted without warning.
    (The excessive spread of your dinos across the map can lead to all your dinos on the map being deleted if it's a reoccurring issue with your tribe.)

Map Rules
Multiple Maps
  • Eat Wyvern, Deinonychus, and Rock Drake eggs if you don't want them. Dropping them causes issues with their respawn and harms all players.
  • Don't interfere with somebody else's taming, OSDs/Element Veins, boss fights, TITAN FIGHTS. (you're not allowed to help or snatch engrams if not asked to join!)
  • Drops, Dinos, OSDs, etc are all first come first serve.
    In case of a disagreement proof will have to be provided, in case no proof can be provided/found during an investigation, and that no settlement can be found, the object of interest will be removed completely.
  • All players must have a chance to do things like Titans, Genesis missions, caves and similar. Constantly blocking them for others by farming those non stop is not allowed.
  • Do not build on/in/near Deinonychus nests, Wyvern Trench, Griffin Trench or any other unique spawn locations.
  • Do not build on/in/near Carno Island, Penguin spawns (The Island)


  • No building at desert drops 

  • Using any kind of structures to protect an OSD or Element Vein is considered an exploit. The players using structures to protect it will have the structures and OSD/Vein removed without warning or refund and if it happens repeatedly, they will have their dinos deleted.

  • Don't block loot drops, city terminals, 5 or more rare resources (metal, crystal, obsidian, …), pathways, charge nodes, plant z, etc.
  • Don't build in artifact caves.
  • Don't block artifacts or in any way make them inaccessible.
  • No foundation, pillar, or any other structure spam
  • Bases must not be bigger than render distance
  • Don't use too many railings and/or glass structures in your bases (these cause lag and can ultimately crash people loading the base)
  • Offline breeding is only allowed in enclosed spaces where players can not enter to steal eggs or claim dinos. Overflowing hatcheries/soul terminals and therefore free to grab eggs/dinos caused by it are a major rule break! If this is not respected a full "no offline breeding"-rule will have to be set in place.
  • Keep a decent distance to existing bases when you choose your base location or you will be asked to move
  • Clean up after yourself (remove traps, sleeping bags, etc once you leave the area)
  • Bases/breeding bases must not lag out other players or cause a major FPS drop after loading.

    Keep in mind not everybody is playing the game on the best hardware available and thus, others may be suffering more lag than you.

Respect admin and moderator decisions!

If you do not agree with a decision we make, open a ticket in discord by typing "!new" in #bot-commands.

Causing unnecessary drama or arguing for no good reason in chat won't get you anywhere. 

Breaking any of the rules can lead to a chat mute, warning, kick, wipe, temp ban, or perm ban depending on severity! (Bans can be lifted if you appeal through a ticket, it remains an admin decision though)

These rules are subject to change and can be adapted at any given time.