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Next Reward

Your total votes: 69
Next Reward at: 420
Tier 5 Dino 75%

Should only show progress towards the next milestone and should only count the number in between the two rewards, if you have 25 votes and got the reward at 20 and the next is at 30, you should be 50% through to next reward.

Claim Rewards

Choose a map to receive Rewards on
I am Online on this map You have to be online on the map to receive rewards, if you're claiming while offline, you can lose the reward with no refund.

Map needs to be selected for the Rcon command part – Reward will be sent through Rcon to selected server
I am Online on this map needs to be ticked to make sure the user will actually receive their reward.

Reward 2 - Recolor - Vote 10 times

Reward 3 - IMPRINT - Vote 20 times

You can claim individually in case you want to store 30 random dinos and claim those all together or something idk
"Claim all" claims all rewards eligible to you at once and sends it all to via Rcon

When claiming rewards it should probably do something like:

1. Query the Database to check if user has claimed the reward before
2. If user has not claimed it, update database so user has claimed it, then send the command to Rcon

This SHOULD prevent a user from slow-loading(intentionally slowing the website or freezing it in webtools to continuesly spam the button) the website and spamming the button to receive duplicate rewards

Claim Rewards

Claim Rewards

Your Rewards has been claimed!

Previous Rewards

Reward 1 - Growth Kit - Vote 5 times

Previous rewards will show all claimed rewards in Reward number order so you can see how many rewards you've claimed and what you've gotten from them


If you go to Elementor Editor > Scroll down to this > click the ::: on the section below > Advanced > Responsive > Hide on desktop
you can show all elements hidden by default as my coding is scuuuuffffffeeeeddd