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Who are we?

As a group of dedicated, year long unofficial ARK players we found ourselves bored and tired of existing ARK clusters that either made the game way too easy or just didn't hit the right spot for our taste. With Avalanche, launched in December 2019, we are trying to find the balance between keeping ARK challenging and at the same time, make it less grindy or frustrating than the official or unmodded servers. While we include Quality of Life (QoL) mods like Super Structures and Kraken's Better dinos in our setup, we still try to balance them by limiting or removing completely automated features like Nanny, Mutator mutation pulses and the like. 

Our rule set and philosophy points in one direction: Play the game to achieve whatever your goal is. While some players initially dislike the idea of having to work for their own success, most of them turn around at some point telling us it is their best ARK experience they have ever had and that earning their own progress made the game so much more fun than just buying things cheap or getting carried for free and ending up bored of the game with nothing to do a week later. Many players on our cluster have been around for several months and are still finding something to do.


Our friendly and mature community is active, helpful and will welcome you if you're up for the challenge on Avalanche.

 – Avalanche Staff team



You haven't downloaded the map!
Open Steam > Library > Right-click Ark > Properties > DLC's tab > Select the map you joined and make sure it's downloaded and installed.


Weekend Events are different from the Event Teams Events below you can find a short description of each

Weekend Events are cycling events that you can check on the events tab – these events requirement is 1000 ARcs in the Server Balance, which you can check on discord in a bot channel by typing !Balance.

Events from the Event Team however has no scheduled releases outside of their announcements, these can be found on our discord. These events are also different as they include players through courses or similar, instead of adding special functionality like the weekend events.

Our limits is as follows:

There's a limit of 10000 structures on a map – you can check your current structure count by doing /showlimits in the ingame chat

Max of 30 Tek Managarmrs, no hydras, no super laggy breeding bases.

Tribe Limits:
Tribes can't have more than 150 dinos out, less on certain maps such as Genesis where it's limited to 75

Voting helps us a lot, and you can check out our video on how as well as get the links here:

Vote Guide

After seeing the negative effects Gachas can have on a players experience, and the overall server economy, we have deemed Gachas as unbalanced for our concept. They remove the overall grind of the game and encourage players to afk in base all day for free resources.

Arca: ARcs is money.

ARcs is the main trading currency on the cluster, used to buy everything from dinos and materials to admin services.
They can be gained by voting for the server or trading with other players.
Check out our guides here for more information:

How To Vote/Gain ARcs

How to Trade/Use ARcs

Disabled features
  • Flyers
  • Rock Drakes
  • Managarmr
  • Tek Managarmr
  • Royal Tek Managarmr
  • Flyers
  • Blood Stalker
  • Managarmr
  • Tek Managarmr
  • Royal Tek Managarmr
  • Rocket Turret
  • Charge Station
  • Charge Injector
  • Ballista Turret
  • Cannon Turret
  • Flame Turret
  • Converter
  • Planetary Shield
  • Element Catalyzer
  • Minigun Turret
  • Crystal Cracker
  • Tranq Turret
  • Plant Species X
  • Item Translocator
  • Blueprint Maker
  • Gacha Gavager
  • Nanny
  • Ocean Foundations
  • Tek Generators on Saddles
  • Teleporters on Saddles
  • Vacuum Compartments on ground
  • Shields on Saddles and rafts
  • Vivarium on saddles
  • Transmitter Dino Scan
  • Placing Turrets on Saddles
Mutator Blacklist
  • Rock Drakes
  • Griffins
  • Mek
  • Astrocetus
  • Magmasaur
  • Ferox
  • Megachelon
  • Titanosaur
  • Zombie Wyverns (All Variants)
  • Indominus
  • Royal Tek Managarmr
  • Mutation
  • Corruption
  • Age Freeze
  • X-Mutate
Features (KBD)
  • Griffin Mating (Event Only)
  • Rock Drake Mating (Event Only)
  • Manta KO Tame
  • Megalosaurus Daytime Buff
  • Swine Flesh
  • Tek Dinos Buff
  • Flyer Speed Leveling
  • Candy
  • Tamed Wyvern Milk
  • Mammalian Milk
  • Reindeer Gift Poop
  • Corrupt Costume Buff
Engrams (kbd)
  • Shark Repellant
  • Valyrian Reins (Is a drop)
hg Stacks
  • Travel Element Shard
  • Travel Element
Features (KBD)
  • Phiomia
  • Cnidaria
  • Meganeura
  • Basiliosaurus
  • Coels
  • Titanoboa
  • Leech
  • Lamprey
  • Pulmonoscorpius
  • Piranha
  • Mek
  • Eurypterid
Awesome Spyglass
  • Outline
  • Crate Targeting

Staff Members





Event Team