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Weekend Events

On Avalanche we have certain weekend events, that are unlocked by our
“Server Balance”

The Server Balance is a community funded balance that you can check by doing !balance in one of bot channels in our discord.

If the Server Balance is at 1000 at the start of a weekend, a weekend event will be activated.

The events are as following with no particular order:

Griffin Breeding
Rock Drake Breeding
Special Colors + Arcs
Extinction Spawn Levels + Arcs
50% Sale Admin Services + Arcs
Imprint bonus

“+ Arcs” mean you get 3 arcs per vote instead of 2

Staff Events

Thanks to our awesome Event Team, we’re able to host some very awesome and unique events.

These events have no set dates until announced, as they require a lot of work.
Due to that, the prizes from these kinds of events are also very valuable.

Events that have been held previously can be seen in our discord under Event Announcements

But here’s a few of the events that has been held

Portal Puzzles (2 Player Parkour Speedrun)
Doedicurus Madnesss (Doedicurus Race)
Argentavis Drop (Challenge Course/Precision drop)
Challenge Parkour
Monkey Maze (Maze with PvP and challenges)
Ironman Race (A race with different dinos and challenges)

These events aren’t set dates until announced and vary heavily in difficulty and prize pool, but is always worth participating in.

Event Team