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New features and Crystal Isle Release Info

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This announcement is just to keep people in the loop with some recent changes and what to expect.

Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles is due to drop tomorrow (unless Wildcard decides to delay it again).

  • How will transfers work?
    • Upon the release of Crystal Isles, you will only be able to transfer your character naked in and out of the map. This means you will not be able to bring any items or creatures in and out of Crystal Isles.
  • Will there be any mods disabled on Crystal Isles?
    • No, all mods will be available on Crystal Isles.
HG Pick Up Gun & SS Demo Gun

The return of the SS Demo Gun will be making its way back into your engrams list once again. Super Structures author has fixed the exploit with the SS Demo Gun.

With the SS Demo Gun being re-added back, we will be removing the HG Pick Up Gun mod as it no longer serves a purpose anymore.

Genesis: SS Dedicated Storage Intake

We are reverting the cost of the SS Dedicated Storage Intake. While Genesis transfers were locked it made sense to adjust the cost so people could craft them but now with Genesis full transfers open, people can travel to other maps to gather the artifacts to craft it.

Managarmr on Aberration

We put a poll out for the community to decide if the Managarmr should be enabled or disabled on Aberration. The results at 63% are in favour of keeping it enabled and 37% are in favour of disabling it. We will keep the Managarmr enabled on Aberration.

New InGame Features: No wander+Plugin

We are adding a new QoL plugin for our community to use.

What does this plugin do?

As soon as your babies are hatched, they will no longer wander around, they will stay in position as well as more features.

What other features does the plugin provide?

  • No Ally Looking – Auto turns off ally looking on all new-borns.
  • Auto Passive – Auto enabled passive on all new-borns.
  • Auto Ignore Group Whistles – Auto ignores group whistles on all new-borns.
  • Auto Unfollow – Auto disable auto-follow on all new-borns.
  • Auto Random Name – Will give your new-borns random names.
  • Player Name on Dino – Displays the players’ name on a new-born they have claimed.
  • Auto Targeting Range High – Auto sets follow distance on high once you claim your new born
  • Auto Disable Dino Name Popup – Disables the naming box appearing when you click claim on your new-born.

Default Server Settings

  • AutoNoAllyLook: true
  • AutoPassive: true
  • AutoIgnoreGroupWhistles: false
  • AutoUnfollow: true
  • AutoOnlyTargetConscious: false
  • AutoTargetingRangeHigh: false
  • AutoRandomName: false
  • AutoPlayerName”: false
  • AutoDisableDinoNamePopup: false

Can I change the server defaults to suit my preferences?

Yes, you can.

Using the command /NoWander <id> <on/off> in game chat, you can override the server defaults for each setting. Take note, these settings can only be adjusted if you are in a tribe and if you are the owner of the drop, anyone who is not the owner of the tribe cannot override the settings for their tribe.

How can I find the ID’s to override the default settings?

By using the command /nowander ? in game chat, that will show all of the settings and they will be numbered 1 > 9, the number in front of each setting is that settings unique ID number.

Engram Menu Update

As you may have seen from earlier on, we have made adjustments to how the engrams work now to combat the lag you would experience when opening the engram menu. If there is any engrams missing that should be there, please make a ticket so a server admin can resolve it as soon as possible. Enjoy a lag-free engram menu.

Toughened Hide

We have increased the toughened hide resource to now 5000 and you are now able to put toughened Hide into the Tek Dedicated Storage.

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